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Church Consulting

Dr. T. Wayne Bishop is a veteran Church Consultant. The Bible says the church that our Lord Savior Jesus Christ is returning for is described as, a church without spot or wrinkle. It’s without a doubt, our present day church cannot be described this way. Many of our churches are broken for various reasons; ranging from the lack of knowledge to immature leadership. How then, are we going to become this church Christ is coming for? The key is “church consulting” which happens when qualified men of God are raised up, with special Apostolic Gifting to bring both order and structure to the local church and the body of Christ. With nearly 30 years’ experience as a Senior Pastor, Dr. T. Wayne Bishop emerges as a spiritually called “Apostolic Leader”. He is equipped to dynamically change your church into becoming healthy and therefore, producing life given results.

Through a series of spiritual modules and training tools, your church will be set on a path to evolving into a highly successful ministry.
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Dr. T. Wayne Bishop has been conducting Conferences and Revivals all over the world. He is regarded as a leading authority in the area of church leadership, kingdom finances, and prayer and intercession. Through his vast knowledge in these areas and the dynamic anointing upon his life, Dr. Bishop seeks to equip both churches and church organizations, to cope with the constant demand for excellence.
Through his many revivals, numerous churches have been redirected and repositioned, to seek and experience the fire of God once again both in the pulpit and the pew. It is clearly understood, that once Apostle Bishop visits your church, it will never be the same again.