Dr. T. Wayne Bishop Ministries

Apostolic Teacher / Spiritual Leadership Coach & Trainer - Dr. T. Wayne Bishop


iKingdom Global Network exist to fill the spiritual void that is prevalent within the lives of so many church leaders, ministers, and God’s chosen people around the world. Statistics indicate that over 80% of pastors and church leaders have minimal to no formal training on how to successfully lead a spiritual ministry. Statistics also indicate that only 20% of what is taught in traditional Bible School and Seminaries are truly used daily within the ministry.


iKingdom Global Network is an international virtual church ministry that aims to accurately prepare men and women of God for ministry success. KDM seeks to provide a well-round spiritual supportive environment packed with anointing teaching, mentoring, social support, and biblical leadership through a virtual platform. KDM will significantly benefit the immature believer who needs to be taught the fundamentals in ministry, to the seasoned church leader that desires the deeper cutting edge knowledge in church leadership. 

iKingdom Global Network is a spiritually safe virtual community where all are welcome. Over a period of time, members who consistently participate in KDM will learn how to:

  • Discover Their True Ministry Calling 
  • Successfully Lead A Church/ministry 
  • Understand Spiritual Gifts & How They Work
  • Cultivate In-Depth Understanding On Giftings, Callings, & Assignments
  • Develop A Kingdom Mentality Approach To Ministry

The Bible says that they are many teachers but few fathers. At iKingdom Global Network, provides a great opportunity to be mentored, fathered, and prepared for the greatest task that you will ever undertake, in your life for the rest, of your life.