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Apostolic Teacher / Spiritual Leadership Coach & Trainer - Dr. T. Wayne Bishop

Motivational Speaker - Dr. T. Wayne Bishop

Apostolic Teacher / Spiritual Leadership Coach & Trainer

Apostle Dr. T. Wayne Bishop is a Apostolic Teacher / Spiritual Leadership Coach & trainer. He committed his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ at the tender age of 14 and started his preaching ministry one year later. This commitment immediately led to his call into ministry. Apostle has been ministering the Word of God for over 35 years, traveling throughout the Caribbean, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. Apostle has been an international senior pastor for over 25 years, in several different countries. As a prophetic voice, he speaks into the lives of many individuals around the world. As a teacher, he trains and mentors many seasoned and aspiring ministers mainly in leadership, prayer intercession, and how to minister effectively in their calling. Dr. T. Wayne Bishop is an author of several remarkable books and manuals; that are currently being used as textbooks in his school of ministry.

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