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Leadership Training

Apostle Dr. T. Wayne Bishop is rapidly becoming known as a leading authority in Leadership Training. He constantly refers to leadership as the “missing link” in the 21st-century church, and without scriptural and spiritual leadership, no church or church organization will reach its maximum potential. Dr. Bishop is phenomenally gifted in unlocking the mysteries of spiritual leadership, in a way that makes the simplest of minds understand God’s law of leadership and how to apply it. His strategy is cutting edge and 21st century. The basis of his argument in leadership training finds its roots in the bible; not corporate America or private sector training but through the scriptures.

 A number of churches and church organizations have benefited significantly from Dr. Bishop teaching and training on the subject of Leadership. Many under the direction of Dr. Bishop have learned how to become better leaders, and able to identify leaders that are a better fit for church roles and responsibilities. Under his direction, dozens of churches have significantly increased their success rate with greater unity amongst their leaders and have experienced a greater spiritual anointing as a result of implementing a more biblical structure of leadership.
Your church can grow, your ministry can be stronger, and your spiritual influence can significantly increase through the anointed teaching ministry of Apostle Dr. T. Wayne Bishop
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  • Leadership Training Dynamics
  • Vetting the Right People for Key Positions
  • Producing Strong Sub-Leaders
  • Vision Casting